What is the difference between physiotherapy and sports massage?

Physiotherapy entails a range of different treatments including exercises, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, taping, massage and mobilisations. If you have booked a sports massage appointment, just massage will be provided on its own and does not include any other aforementioned types of treatments.

What does each session entail?

During an initial assessment, a series of questions will be asked in order to gain a through history of the issue at hand. Following this, a physical examination will be conducted to gain further information as to why the issue is occurring. Treatment will be provided at the end of the session although it is sometimes not always possible to provide treatment in this first session due to the complexity of some issues. In such cases, advice as to how to self-manage some of your symptoms will be given as a minimum. A follow up treatment session will be specifically tailored to each patient. A home exercise programme may be prescribed or reviewed in order to rehabilitate the issue at hand.

What should I wear for a physiotherapy assessment or treatment session?

Many patients feel most comfortable wearing sports clothing e.g shorts and T-shirt. The removal of trousers, skirts, jumpers or shirts may be required in order to fully assess or treat the relevant joint or muscle. Patient dignity and modesty is upheld throughout the sessions.

Do I need to see my GP or consultant to be referred to physiotherapy?

No. Patients can attend without having seen a GP or consultant beforehand. However, if you wish to claim through your private health insurer, many insurance companies prefer a doctor’s referral letter to validate your claim.

Does treatment hurt?

Often people attend physiotherapy because they are in pain. Depending on the nature of the condition and the type of treatment required, you may experience some discomfort immediately following the treatment, or the day after. This should subside within 48-72 hours, if it comes on at all. Physiotherapists at On The Go Physio will give you advice as how best to prevent post-treatment soreness.

How quickly will I feel the benefits of the treatments?

Physiotherapy is often not a quick fix. It may take a day or two after treatment when you begin to feel the benefits of your treatment or it may need a couple of session before any benefit in symptom reduction is noticed.

Can I use my private medical healthcare insurance?

Yes. We are approved with all the major healthcare providers. In many cases, we will require your authorisation number, policy number and how many sessions you have been approved for. Please note, insurance companies will only approve clinic based appointments and not home visits.