Caroline – Oct 2021

We have been passed some positive feedback from one of our patients who you have recently treated who has asked that we pass on her comments.
Our case handler received a phone call from this particular patient and we have been passed the following message:
This client has called to sing both ours and the physio’s praises. She’s asked if her comments can be passed on to On The Go Physio. She said that both ours and their service has been 100% percent and she couldn’t be more happy with the way her therapist Katie has treat her, they have been top class.
I hope this information is helpful to you and thank you for your assistance with this patient.

Hannah – May 2019

Talia instantly put us at ease with her knowledge and understanding nature. She really helped my teenager daughter with pain management for her hypermobility and kindly but firmly encouraged her, in the clinic at and home, to work on the exercises to build her strength. We would highly recommend her.

Sophie – April 2019

Talia was recommended to me in July 2017 and making the decision to use On the Go Physio was the one of the best decisions I have ever made. Following a period of illness, I never believed I would be independent again. Talia worked with me for 18 months and thanks to her dedication, I am able to do the all the things I was doing prior to my illness. I have come into contact with many physiotherapists as an inpatient and outpatient, both NHS and privately. Talia is, without a doubt, the best physiotherapist of them all. She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. She worked with me to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve and with her help, I have achieved them. Talia gave me the confidence to believe I could get better and I did. Thank you so much!

Julian – Oct 2018

Thank you Talia, wish one of the many physiotherapists I've seen over the years had taught me the exercises you've shown me. Very professional and informative

Russell – July 2018

I found Talia very helpful in helping me regain my lost confidence.Through her understanding and patience, I was able once again to visit friends and neighbours. Her explanations and exercises helped to strengthen my walking. I recommend her expertise. Mrs Russell (age 85yrs)

Grace – March 2018

Thank you for the wonderful treatment today. Apart from the actual treatment it was a pleasure to be treated by you. Very professional service.

Mrs M – October 2017

Talia came to my home twice to help me with two separate injuries I had got while training for a half marathon. She was knowledgeable, professional, patient and kind. The treatment she provided made a huge difference to my pain levels and really helped. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a physio. Mrs M

Mrs Patel – August 2017

Very soon after my partial knee replacement, I was seen at home by Talia for my very first Physio session. I found Talia to be extremely encouraging at all times as she helped me through what seemed like a constant uphill battle. I found Talia to be very helpful be it during Physio or whilst she was checking up on me. I would highly recommend Talia to anyone who needs an encouraging push on route to getting back to their normal selves. Thanks for all your help. Best regards.

Mr Torres September 2017

Talia came to my house to help me with my Parkinson's condition twice a week. She came with a smile on her face and motivating me to do the exercises. She was extremely helpful and caring. I will definitely recommend her if anyone is looking for Parkinson's relating therapies.

Rose – Nov 2016

After a serious ligament injury to my foot, Talia came to my home and gave me the much needed physio that I needed in order to gain my confidence back and control my pain levels. Not only did she give professional advice but she was kind and caring and showed an interest in all that I told her. She constantly reassured me that I could go above and beyond what I thought I could and she gave me exercises and guidance of how to achieve full mobility again! Both professional and friendly, Talia knows exactly what is needed and is always available. Highly recommend this fabulous service

Ann – October 2016

Talia visited me at home after my bilateral knee replacements so I was very immobile. She was always professional, patient, friendly and I know she was very confidential about my details as we know a lot of the same people. I have also recommended her to others and their feedback has always been very positive. Thank you Talia. xx

Hazel – August 2015

I am writing to thank you for the treatment you were able to provide post-surgery for my hand and wrist before my move to Devon. The NHS had indicated that an NHS physiotherapy referral letter would be sent to me within ten days following my operation but I heard nothing for six weeks so I then got in contact with you for some private physiotherapy.
Although we were unable to fit in as many sessions as were ideally required due to my move, the improvements were immediately noticeable, and I wish that I had been able to ask you to start sooner following the surgery, and to be still receiving treatment from you.
Your willingness to come to us when convenient during a very busy time for us was crucial, and your friendly and professional approach was spot on.
I will be looking for a local physiotherapist shortly, and will be asking he or she to contact you for details of the successful treatment you implemented.
My warmest thanks once again, and best wishes for the future.

Mrs H – May 2015

I spent a long time searching for a physiotherapist for treatment at home and when I met Talia Lethbridge I knew I had come across the right person. Talia is most professional, highly skilled and very knowledgeable about all injuries, sport or otherwise. With her expertise and genuine care she soon put me at ease and well on the road to recovery. 'On The Go Physio' is a great idea and ideal for anyone wanting treatment in the comfort of their own home

David – September 2015

Talia has given me sports massage numerous times. I have been to a lot of different therapists for sports massage over the years typically to treat injury from football, rock climbing and squash so I have quite a basis for comparison and Talia is certainly one of the best. She has a real understanding of causation and has been able to resolve injuries from years back that I didn't even know could be fixed. In addition, she operates with professionalism and is always polite and punctual.

Nicola – December 2015

I have been seeing Talia for several months now, following a broken ankle which I sustained in March 2015. From the very beginning Talia was so positive and encouraging to me that I felt very confident that she would be able to help me. She is always punctual for our appointments, and sends me a text reminder a couple of days before so that I can't forget. She has given me a range of exercises, gradually increasing in difficulty, and extending my movement and strength at a gradual pace. She has encouraged me not to be pessimistic but always to work towards improvement. Even now, when I can do so much more than I could at the beginning, she still looks for ways to improve my strength, stamina and confidence. Talia is relaxed but professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her physiotherapist practice to anyone.

Gail – December 2015

I engaged with On The Go Physio after my hip began aching. Talia was quick to assess the problem and to devise an exercise plan that would help, despite the constriction of multiple past injuries, which she took into account. I appreciated Talia’s professionalism and clear expertise. After following her recommendations for several weeks, my discomfort has reduced significantly. I’m pleased to have found Talia and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Nick – January 2016

Talia has made a huge difference to my mother's life. She listens carefully and explains clearly. Mum had spent a week or so in bed following an illness and, at 84, it had meant she was unsteady and walking with a frame. Talia helped us learn exercises for strength and balance. After a while and having persevered with daily exercises suggested by Talia, Mum was able to dispense with the frame.

Now, 9 months on, Mum's strength and balance is better than it had been for a few years and she has avoided surgery to replace her knee joint thanks to her increased muscle strength.

Throughout this time, Talia has encouraged us not to rely on her too much but has monitored Mum's progress and the way she is walking and standing. We would not hesitate to recommend her.

Gosh! Writing this has made me quite emotional. I mean every word of it; we were very lucky to have found you

Kathy – February 2016

I had asked Talia to treat my 94 year old mother as she was having great difficulty with her mobility. It was getting progressively worse and we were all worried that she would not be fit enough to attend her grandson’s wedding which was in 3 months time.

Over a period of a few weeks, Talia helped her regain sufficient mobility and strength that she was able be at and enjoy her grandson’s wedding! Talia also gave her some simple exercises to do daily which were very effective. In fact, 4 months on, she is still doing them most days!

I would highly recommend Talia as she is not only very skilled and professional in her approach, but also kind and gentle.

Freda – February 2016

I am so much better today. Thank you.  You have done wonders.

Bill – May 2016

I employed the services of On The Go Physio for my wife after she was discharged from a long stay in hospital following cancer treatment.  Talia is a delightful young lady, very professional and caring.  She did a thorough assessment and set exercises to suit my wife’s ability.  I would absolutely recommend her services.

Andrea – July 2016

Booking Talia for physiotherapy was a really good decision on my part. I’d been suffering for over four months with a frozen shoulder and bursitis.  I hadn’t been sleeping because of the pain and most normal activities felt like torture. I had been waiting months for an appointment on the NHS and I was getting rather desperate. It was such a relief when I rang Talia and she could see me within a day or two. From the start, Talia made a difference, giving me advice, encouragement, massage, ultrasound and exercises. She is very caring, knowledgeable and thorough, minutely measuring my progress from one visit to the next. Talia always arrived on time but never left before she’d answered all my questions!  In the course of six visits over about ten weeks, my range of movement increased a lot and my pain lessened considerably.  I’d happily recommend her to anyone needing a physiotherapist.

Michael – May 2016

My mother had a stroke a few years ago and is now bed-bound. While she was waiting for the NHS physiotherapist to see her, I employed Talia for approximately for 7 months. Talia was extremely thorough during the initial assessment and took the time to listen to my mother's problem. She explained things very well and used 'hands on' treatment and gave a set of exercises with sensible instructions. Talia also taught my dad on some of the exercises so he could perform these on my mother too which he finds very useful at present.

Talia's simple but effective strategy is to work with her patients, by understanding their objectives and designing the most effective physiotherapy programmes to achieve patient satisfaction.

For any patient that is prepared to put in the effort and demonstrate strong discipline in adhering strictly to Talia's tailored made programs, the rewards can be significant.

I cannot recommend Talia strongly enough for any patient who is prepared to work in tandem with Talia's strong desire to help her patients achieve the best possible results.

Mr L – March 2016

My brother and I engaged Talia to assist with our elderly mother after a lengthy period of illness and hospitalisation led to severe loss of mobility and numerous falls. At our very first meeting it was clear Talia was highly professional with a wide ranging knowledge and experience of how best to assist, not just with the physiotherapy and exercises, but also with ways of alleviating the issues such as rearranging parts of my mother’s flat to help her as wells as equipment and ideas.  Over a period of several months we found Talia to be thoroughly reliable, highly skilled and knowledgeable but also kind, caring and extremely good at what she does. She is a treasure and I would recommend her without hesitation.